Enjoy the Sunbreaks!

Sunbreaks—a term familiar to people in the Northwest United States

Refers to when the sun breaks through the clouds, bringing welcome relief from gloominess.

Hence, the reason for the title, Sunbreaks Books.

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3D hardback cover of Sunbreaks in Unending Storms. Colorful. Man with umbrella looking out over green valley toward sun breaking through storm clouds.

Invisible Disabilities

These are diseases or disorders serious enough to impact daily life, but their causes cannot be easily discerned.

Know anyone like that? Someone who doesn’t function as others do, but you don’t know why?

Or do you fit that category?

This book’s for either one of you! Observers fall in the first category as they watch from the sidelines. Dwellers live in storms of invisible disabilities. Both of you will find information, encouragement, and helps in this book.

Carole and FJ share their 40+ years’ stormy journey. They interview other families who endure and thrive in inclement weather. And then they apply experiences in four areas: practical issues, emotions, relationships (including medical care), and spiritual questions.

Carole and FJ looking at each other. Smiling. At their 50th. Standing at a wood fence overlooking pines. She's has white, short hair. He has brown hair. Holding hands.
FJ and Carole celebrate their 50th anniversary

Author’s Info

An active woman, wife, and mother of two young boys, Carole worked part time as FJ attended graduate school. Two years later, undiagnosed pain and weakness dominated her life; she was still a wife and mother, FJ had graduated, she had everything to live for, but she would never again be able to lead an active life. Carole and FJ are uniquely qualified to cowrite Sunbreaks in Unending Storms having lived over 40 years with her unstable, progressive, invisible disabilities. Carole writes from her standpoint as the person affected by severe limitations while FJ writes from his perspective as the spouse and caregiver. FJ’s professional background as pastor and Army Reserve Chaplain coupled with his experiences coping with his wife’s ordeals provides an unusual perspective as he coauthors this book.

The Organization of Sunbreaks Books

At this time, Carole and FJ only have one published book: Sunbreaks in Unending Storms. Check back for news about future releases.

Currently, the Books page includes all retailers offering the book. Photos pages include pictures of the Griffitts’ family, so you can put faces with names. The About Us page is under construction. FJ and Carole will blog once a month on the 1st Tuesday. The Book Reviews page examines books by other authors. You can connect with them through the Contact page.