FJ and Carole Griffitts’ Life

Life for FJ and Carole does not match the dreams with which they started their marriage.

FJ and Carole standing on a hillside lawn.
Joe, Carole

They desperately miss the twelve years before Carole’s physical challenges began. During this time, she and the family could make plans as they willed. Their sons—Tom and Bill—were young. FJ served in the Air Force. He later graduated college and then attended seminary. Carole’s first injuries occurred there, changing their family’s life forever. After graduation, FJ became a pastor and Army Reserve Chaplain.

Tom (4) and Bill (1 1/2) standing on lawn outside California State Fair. Wearing matching t-shirts and jeans.

As Tom and Bill grew from young boys to young men, FJ and Carole enjoyed activities with them. Playing games. Visiting extended family. Seeing historical places. Taking walks outdoors. Exploring nature. Appreciating state and national parks. Camping, hiking, and cross-country skiing played a significant part in their family life, remaining important into their sons’ adult lives. As Carole’s abilities declined, the family needed to find evermore creative modifications. FJ, Tom, and Bill employed resourcefulness to do this, so the whole family could take part in outdoor life.

Carole "hiking" in her scooter. She's in the middle of a wooden bridge on a hiking trail.

Currently, the couple arranges time with family and activities at church with little difficulty. Travel and camping take more planning nowadays. Hiking involves Carole riding her scooter while FJ walks alongside. As an alternative, FJ—or someone else—pushes Carole in her wheelchair. FJ accomplishes his hobbies easily, while Carole’s need modification. We have included photos, so you can see our family.

Even experiencing difficulties and disabilities, they count their life successful and happy. You can read specifics in their first book, Sunbreaks in Unending Storms.

FJ and Carole’s interests

Both Griffitts are avid readers. FJ reads a wide variety of subjects. His special books include westerns by Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey, historical books, the Bible, and other spiritual works. Carole researched how to write and publish books. Her favorite genres are Christian romance, mystery, and historical fiction. She, too, also reads the Bible and spiritual works.

They had a dog, Tahoe, for fourteen years before he passed away. FJ enjoyed playing with him in their yard and taking him for walks. They both miss him immensely but are looking for a new dog now.

Since 1980, FJ and Carole have resided in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They spent the majority of those years in Northeast Washington. Pines, mountains, lakes, and back country roads account for the allure of this area.